About me

I Started shooting as a hobby in the Mid 80’s, being English  my first rifle was & still is a Lee Enfield, Being based in Germany were they are mostly Mauser fans, but over the years the Lee Enfield has grown in popularity, I think one reason is that the sighting system is far superior, to that of the Mauser Ordinance rifle, While on the ranges I was always spoken to,  your British, (Which I would reply, sorry no I’m English), were can we get Lee Enfield parts from?

This went on  for years, until I decided its time to do something about this problem, in 2007.

Lot of firms have bits & bobs, but not everything, So I started to source items  World wide, not easy, no one want to give there contacts price. Now I have lots of items in stock, for the shooter’s & collector’s, specially for the collector  who are looking for those nicely stamped items, if you can not find it, contact me I could have it in stock or will try to source it

Most Items are New old Stock (Arsenal storage)

Just a tip, when looking for parts over the schematic diagrams sort the items in name, they will them appear in numerical / alphabetical order.

If you find any mistakes on my web site, please do not hesitate to inform me 

Best regards